Post Your Opinions: Beauty Blender

Do you have a Beauty Blender, or similar sponge? I have Avon's Precision Grip Tear Drop Blender, and I never want to apply my foundation with anything else, it gives such a beautiful finish and full coverage. However I feel like the sponge soaks up a lot of product, I have to use double the amount of foundation. What's your opinion on the Beauty Blender and similar products?


  1. I feel like it is WAY too over priced for a freakin sponge.

    1. Definitely agreed, I opted for Avon's dupe thats 75% cheaper.

  2. It def sucks up a lot of the urban decay naked foundation and its so annoying! I even got it wetter than most times, and still soaks it up... And when I cleaned it a chunk broke off! I think I'm going to try Avon's :)