Palladio Translucent Rice Powder Review

 Rice Powder is a very old form of makeup. Palladio gives a short history about the the use of rice powder, which I'll copy into this review. "Rice Powder is the refined starch from rice, known as Oryza Stavia. The powder of rice has been used for centuries in the ancient art of Ayurveda, a holistic healing practice. It is used as a poultice that soothes inflamed acne and skin ulcerations. It has been used by Asian women in their facial makeup and to wash their skin since the 16th century. It is considered an emollient, rich skin treatment." I love when brands include historical information on products. Palladio promises that their rice powder will absorb excess oils, maintaining the skin's pH balance. This loose powder can be used alone or to set foundations. Palladio offers three shades, I have translucent, the colorless option. Palladio's powder is non-comedogenic. You get a huge amount of product, 17g (.60oz) for just $5(MSRP). I believe I paid $6 or so though, I purchased it at my local Sally's. Palladio is a cruelty free brand. This rice powder was made, suitably, in China.
Palladio's packaging for their rice powder is cute, but not at all functional. This may be the least travel friendly makeup item that I own. The lid of this powder is silver plastic with a very cute label affixed to it, featuring a cute, very well drawn Asian girl. I've seen a few people complain that this is offensive, but I don't see why. She's well drawn with no over exaggerated features or stereotypical accessories. I'm partially Asian  andI like the label artwork. The label also features the name of the product and shade. The lid has no way of fastening to the body of the packaging. This needs to be fixed, it's a mess waiting to happen. Removing the lid reveals a square puff that I've discarded, but it's a nice puff. There's also a sifter to dispense only a bit of product at a time. To avoid messes, I pour a small amount of product in the lid. The bottom of this little square container features a label with directions, a full ingredient list, and a bit of product and company info.
 Palladio's Translucent Rice Powder is velvety soft, dense, and quite finely milled. This powder isn't truly translucent. It's a very light flesh tone, probably too light for those with tan or darker skin. It actually matches my skin tone really, really well, had the name not been called "Translucent", I would've been impressed at how well this product matches me. I think Palladio should call this product "porcelain" or "ivory" or "light", calling it translucent is a lie. This product actually provides a decent amount of coverage, more than I'd expect from a "translucent" setting powder. This powder can be worn alone for light coverage, but on me it looks very powdery and cakey when worn alone. When patted, then buffed over foundation, this powder looks much, much better, it gives me a very matte but natural, even finish with minimal caking. I never feel the need to reapply this powder, which is great because this product is the opposite of portable. If you have a particularly oily skin type Palladio offers blotting sheets coated with the rice powder.
This loose powder has a very strong, perfumey, old lady-ish scent. It permeates the kabuki brush I use to apply this powder. The scent fades eventually but it does sit on the skin for a couple minutes after application. 
I'm on the fence about Palladio's Translucent Rice Powder. The texture is goo, the coverage is surprisingly decent, and it gives a lovely finish to foundations. However, there are a lot of little things about this powder that annoy me, overshadowing the good results I get from it. The scent is too strong, the packaging is very inconvenient, and worst off, the color is not translucent. You get a load of product for a very reasonable price. If you're looking for a loose powder and Palladio is accessible to you (Sally's and Ulta are the most common place to find this brand), consider this powder. It's not perfect but it's a good product and a good value. 

Calcium Carbonate, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Talc, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Fragrance

May Contain:
Iron Oxides


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  2. Been using this and loving it for years! By the way, you have a hilarious typo up there, Chipmunk; Ispewed Diet Coke all over my moniter when I read it!