OPI Blue Shatter Nail Lacquer Review

 OPI's Blue Shatter is a primary blue crackle polish. This line of shatter polishes is available in seven shades, all of which are permanent. I've never bought any OPI polishes before, I've always thought of them as too expensive, but one day at Priceline I saw a bargain bin full of OPI Shatters on a buy one get one free deal. That sounds like a good deal right? It get's better! They were selling for $9.95 each. Two OPI polishes for $10 is a good deal no matter where you're at, but OPI polishes retail for about $28 in Australia so...think about it for a minute. Like all OPI polishes, these are formaldehyde, dbt, and toluene free. OPI polishes contain the standard amount of polish, .5fl oz (15ml). These polishes are made in the USA and are unfortunately tested on animals.
 These crackle polishes are packaged pretty much the same as OPI's normal polish. The glass bottle features the brand name on the front, a little bit of company info on the back, and the name of the polish and ingredient list are on a peel off sticker on the bottom of the bottle. The cap is the same tall, black, texturized plastic cap with OPI embossed on the top, a black and silver crackle design sticker is wrapped around the cap. OPI's brush is quite stiff, long, flat with a rounded tip, no splayed bristles. I don't really like the brush, it's just not flexible enough.
 The formula seems pretty normal. Average consistency. It's a little skippy during application, but I think most crackle finish lacquers do that. How much this polish crackles depends  on the polish it's applied over. Blue Shatter looks best over white and orange polishes in my opinion. Blue Shatter doesn't seem to affect how long the polish under it wears, nor does it chip off like many crackles do. It also dries really fast, though I suppose all crackles do that, what with the diminished surface area and thinner coats.
 Blue Shatter is a primary blue. In the bottle it looks like this polish would have a sheen, some shimmer, or a pearl to it, something, but it actually dries fully matte. I like the color on the nail, but I prefer it in the bottle, it looks like it has more dimension.
OPI's Blue Shatter is probably the best crackle lacquer I've ever used. It cracks well, dries fast, and wears well. The color is pretty. I got this polish on the sweetest of deals. I'm still not converted to being an OPI addict though. They're too expensive. However if you're on the hunt for a matte blue crackle polish, OPI may be a good investment.

Ethyl Acetate, Alcohol Denat, SD Alcohol 40B, Adipic Acid, Neopentyl Glycol, Trimelletic Anhydride Copolymer, Silica, Butyl Acetate, Mica, Nitrocellulose, Isopropyl Alcohol, CI 77891, CI 77007