Essence Colour&Go Nail Polish - Viva La Green Review

 Essence's Colour&Go Nail Polish in Viva la Green is a fast drying, seafoam green with a cream finish. Essence is a Germany drugstore brand that's now available all over Europe; in Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada; Ulta and Fred Meyers in America; and Target and Priceline in Australia. I bought Viva la Green at Target in Blacktown Westpoint for $3.55AUD. It pains me to pay that much for these polishes, since they're so little and retail for just 99c in the States. This little polishes contain just .16fl oz (5ml) of polish. Unfortunately Essence doesn't offer any formula information nor an ingredient list. This polish was made in France. Essence does not test on animals, a practice that's illegal in the European Union
 Essence recently repackaged their Colour&Go nail polishes. Finally. The previous packaging was very poor quality. The cap almost always detached from the top of the brush, usually the very first time you opened the polish. Not only did that happen to Viva la Green, it also leaked like half the bottle out, even with a tightly screwed on cap. Not Cool. The little bottle is cute though. The name of the product can be found on the front of the bottle, a small amount of product and company info are on the back. The brush holds true to the description of "flat and wide", no splayed bristles and it's moderately flexible.
 Viva la Green applies decently. It's a two coater, each applies smoothly and evenly. As promised, Viva la Green dries in less than 60 seconds, I'd say like 50 seconds actually. This shade is really pretty medium seafoam green that dries darker on the nail than it looks in the bottle, but its still a pretty light green. A really pretty shade that would be great for spring. The cream finish is nice, pretty standard, not overly shiny. I think this is a universally complimentary shade.
 Viva la Green has already started to separate in the bottle, even though it's only about 4 months old. Shaking it and mixing it haven't solved the issue. I guess this polish won't be sticking around much longer. It's starting to get a little goopy as well.
Essence Colour&Go polishes are really hit and miss when it comes to wear. I've worn Viva la Green five times. The maximum wear was a little less than two days, but usually it only lasted a couple hours before it would peel up. This nail polish does not like water. Fail. However, Viva la Green does not stain like many similar shades do.
Essence's Viva la Green nail polish is a pretty, smooth, creamy, seafoam green. This polish just can't stick to the nail. These polishes are always true to their sixty second or less dry time. I wouldn't repurchase Viva la Green. The cool color doesn't negate the poor wear, but for some seeking this exact shade it may be worth the buck. I'd rather try a new shade though.

Ingredients Unavailable. 


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    but oh man this color is so beautiful! i've been drooling over it for ages and need to just freakin buy it!