Essence Colour&Go Nail Polish - Space Queen - Review

 Essence Colour&Go Nail Polish in Space Queen is a fast drying glitter polish best used for layering. This polish provides a very pretty, almost galactic effect, hence the name. Essence is a German brand, now widely available in Europe and select retails elsewhere in the world. Essence products can be bought in Priceline and Target in Australia, Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, and Ulta and Fred Meyers here in the States. I bought Space Queen at Target for about $3AUD (they cost $1 in America). Unfortunately Essence doesn't offers any info on the formula or ingredients. Essence does not test on animals, it's illegal to do so in the European Union. Colour&Go polishes are available in loads of colors. Each polish contains .16fl oz (5ml).
 These polishes were recently repackaged. Good. These tiny lacquers used to be packaged in cute, short, round glass bottles topped off with caps that match the color of the polish. These little caps always, ALWAYS detached from the top of the brush, usually the first time you ever opened the polish. The front of the bottle features the name of the product, the back features a short product description in English, French, and German. The name of the polish can be found on a small label on the side of the cap. The brush is surprisingly long for the little bottle. The brush, which Essence calls "flat", is actually round for this polish. The brush is on the stiffer side and is uniform with no splaying.
 The formula of Space Queen is much thicker than usual. It's jelly like and absolutely packed with glitter. The base color of Space Queen is a very, very light, completely translucent pink. Suspended in the practically clear polish is tons of rainbow micro glitter. Applied over brighter colors, this polish resembles a glass fleck polish, but gives a galaxy like effect over dark shades, both looks are really trendy at the moment. Space Queen is so full of glitter, it gives a very even application of glitter, no need to push the particles around. Only one coat is needed, a second layer gives a very intense, almost disco ball effect. This polish is so pretty over any polish and has some of the best glitter distribution I've ever encountered.
Application for Space Queen is decent but it takes a little work. Because the formula is a little thick and kinda gritty from glitter. Space Queen pulls a tiny bit during application, the polish you apply it over must be completely dry or else you risk ruining it.  As promised, Colour&Go polishes always dry super quick, probably within 40 seconds. Pleasing. As with all layering polishes, I'm not going to comment on the wear time because I feel like that's very dependent on the polish it's layered over. Space Queen doesn't seem to effect how the polish below it wears. As with all glitter polishes, Space Queen can be difficult to remove, but she dries to a fairly smooth finish so this polish is a little more cooperative. 
Essence Colour&Go Polishes can be hit or miss. Space Queen? It's a hit! The amount of glitter you get on each nail is fantastic and the effect is beautiful. Space Queen is the perfect name for this polish. Application and packaging aren't perfect, but I'll put up with it for the cool look of this polish. This nail lacquer is a pretty cheap option to help achieve trendy nail looks. I would definitely repurchase Space Queen, I think I'll get a back up of it next time I pop into Ulta. I definitely think everyone should buy Space Queen, it's beautiful. I know you have an extra dollar somewhere, use it one a pretty polish like this one. 

Ingredients Unavailable.