ELF All Over Color Stick - Persimmon - Review

ELF's All Over Color Sticks are multi tasking cream sticks that "add a beautiful glow to your eyes, lips, or face". ELF claims that their color sticks deliver "gorgeous color that illuminates and instantly conditions skin for fresh and natural color all day long". ELF, don't lie, you and I both know that this product doesn't condition. At all. ELF always mentions that this product was designed, formulated, and tested by their team of professional makeup artists. ELF offers six shades, I have Persimmon, but I really want to get Pink Lemonade. I bought this All Over Color Stick at Target for $1. ELF products can be bought online at eyeslipsface.com, or in store at select Big Lots, Drugstores, Kmart, Target, or Walmart. These Color Sticks contain .14oz/4g. ELF is a cruelty free, vegan friendly brand. This product was made in China.
 ELF's All Over Color Sticks come in a small, white, twist up tube, similar to a lipstick tube but shorter and wider. The name of the product was written on the front of the tube but it's rubbed off already. The name of the shade can be found on the bottom of the tube. A clear plastic cap snaps on firmly, protecting the product from drying out. This tube doesn't twist up very easily, it actually takes a ton of effort. Like I need to put the bottom of my shirt around it to twist it, it's hard to get a grip on. It might just be my tube though. Packaging for this product, like most of ELF's, is pretty meh.
 The texture of ELF's All Over Color Stick is quite dry, so dry that it's cracked in the tube. I think everyone tends to expect poor color payoff from stiff products like this one, but that's not the case for Persimmon. Two swipes give a decent amount of color. This product isn't mean to be super pigmented, it's the nature of the type of product it is. So what exactly are ELF's All Over Color Sticks for? Practically everything. These cream sticks can be used as blush, bronzer, highlight, lip color, eyeshadow, or eyeshadow base. What each product works best as depends on the shade you have. I find that Persimmon is best for highlighting cheekbones and under the brow. Persimmon is a soft, frosty, pink champagne that goes on sheer at first, but it can be built up to a very shimmery pink. The finish isn't glittery, just a nice shimmer that catches the light nicely, unless you pile the product on. I think Persimmon looks quite natural on the cheekbones if you have a cool skin tone. I get a full day's wear from this product. I think Persimmon is too frosty to be used as a blush, and it isn't really a color I'd like on my eyes. I've worn this cream product on the lips as well, and it held up surprisingly well, I got about an hour and a half of wear, but it felt dry, and I didn't like the color or finish on my lips.ELF's All Over Color Sticks has a strong, obnoxious scent. ELF calls it "orange vanilla", which sounds icky enough, but it's even worse than it sounds. This is a very obnoxious, artificial small that transfers onto the skin and sits there for about 20 minutes. It tastes just as bad too if you use this product on your lips. ELF's All Over Color Sticks are not for the faint of nose.
I'm a fan of ELF's All Over Color Stick in Persimmon. That being said, it's far from a perfect product. Packaging is cheap but that's to be expected from ELF. The scent is really gross. I would appreciate it if the texture was a little bit creamier, but I can work with it the way it is. The color pay off is just right for the type of producr. Persimmon is a good highlight, but I don't really like it for any other uses, mainly because of it's frosty finish. I probably won't repurchase Persimmon, but I'll continue to use it and I'll definitely buy a few other shades. I suggest trying the shade that speaks most to you, who doesn't want a multi-purpose product for just a buck?

Water, Isopropyl Myristate, Octyl Palmitate, Ceresin Wax, Microcrystalline Wax, Sorbitol, Mica

May Contain:
Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Red6, Red 22.