Demeter Clean Skin Roll On Perfume Oil Review

 Demeter is an affordable scent range that offers tones of scents. Clean Skin, part of the classic collection, is described as a "virtually transparent and delicate fragrance. Smells like the best version of you - just better". Demeter offers Clean Skin in ten different products ranging from roll on oil to shower gel to room spray. I got a .29oz oil in my August MyGlam bag. This perfume oil can be bought at most drugstores, Ulta, and the company website. This perfume was made in America and was not tested on animals. This is an all natural product.

 Packaging is simple and sleek. A clear, rectangular glass tube topped off with a round black plastic cap. The front label is kinda cute, pink and white with the name of the scent and product. The clear back label features company info and a full ingredient list. The plastic roller ball dispenses a really good amount of product and rolls easily. I like that the ball is plastic, it rolls easier and dispenses products more evenly. The ceramic balls on most roller ball perfumes tend to skip and feel weird on the skin,.
 Demeter questions you "What is sexier than clean, post bubble bath skin?" This scent is described as a blend of orange, lemon, white rose, bergamot, peach, and vanilla, "making for the prefect shower fresh scent." This scent doesn't actually smell like any of those notes. What if smells nearly identical to is my mum's powder fresh deodorant. Clean Skin's name is pretty spot on, it's a very clean scent, pretty powdery, a little soapy, definitely similar to generic deodorant. It's soft and non offensive, the kind of scent that can go with just about anything. While it's nice, it isn't the kind of scent I prefer. Yinz know me and my fruity florals and violent scents. My mum tends to veer towards cottony fresh scents like Bath&BodyWorks Sea Island Cotton and Estee Lauder's White Linen, so this might be more up her alley.
 Because Demeter's Clean Skin is a roller on oil, it'll obviously leave an oily residue that sits on the skin for a bit. It needs to be rubbed in for it to mostly sink into the skin, but even after rubbing it in, there will still be a sheen. On the upside, it makes your skin feel softer. I expected Clean Skin to be a long lasting scent since it's in oil form but alas it is not. Demeter is correct in calling it transparent, it seems to be gone in under an hour. Yeah, it is is in to-go packaging, but I shouldn't need to reapply perfume every hour on the hour. I thought oil based perfumes lasted longer than the traditional water and alcohol based perfumes, but I could be wrong.
Demeter's Roll On Perfume Oil in Clear Skin is a nice, soft, aptly named scent. If you're into fresh, powdery, soapy scents, Clean Skin will definitely pique your interest. Despite it's deodorant-like scent, I wouldn't label Clean Skin as generic, but it is a bit plain. This isn't my kind of scent, so I'm gonna pass it on to mum, who really likes it. Demeter's roller ball  has nice, functional packaging that's cute but no fanicer than it needs to be. Wear time for Clean Skin is pretty poor, but it may just wear so softly that I can't pick it up. Demeter's Clean Skin is decent for the price. I wouldn't purchase it, but I won't rule out trying a different scent from their vast range.

Medium Chain Trigylcerides derived from Coconut&Palm Oil, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)


  1. When I saw the notes of this scent, I was definitely expecting to love it. When I got it, I was totally disappointed. It totally smells like deodorant! I'm hearing raves about Dragonfruit now.

  2. Been Loving Demeter!
    I got Dragon Fruit and it is absolutely amazing, Nice little fruity scent but not overdoing it ya know!
    Great Post!

    XOXO yayaMarie