Beauty Style Eyeliner - Mist - Review

 Beauty Style is another one of Priceline's (an Australian  drugstore) home brand, just like Glam&Glitter. Beauty Style is a knock off of Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush. Beauty Style's eyeliner is available in 6-8 shades, I can't recall exactly. I have the color Mist. Beauty Style and Priceline offer no official information on this product, so the review will probably be brief. I purchased this eyeliner at the Priceline in Blacktown Westpoint for $6AUD. This pencil contains 1.5g (.05oz) of product. Beauty Style products are made in China. No animal testing information is available.
 Beauty Style eyeliner is a traditional pencil that needs sharpened. It's made of wood with a white coating and a band at the bottom matching the color of the product. The name and some company info are written on the pencil in silver lettering. There's a small smudger at the end, it had a cap but I lost it, probably because both caps are made of thin, cheap plastic that cracks a little more ever time you put it on or take it off. Fail. The smudger is nice though, it's firm, not too scratchy, it smudges eyeliner nicely.
 The texture of Beauty Style's eyeliner is actually pretty nice. I expected it to be hard, stiff, you know the kind of eyeliner I mean, but it's not! Thus eyeliner is fairly soft, it applies very smoothly, no tugging involved. The color payoff is pretty good. I get an opaque line in one swipe. It's smudgable at first but sets after about 20 seconds. It sheers out nicely and could probably be used as a base if you wanted to. Beauty Style's eyeliner doesn't seem to wear very well. It doesn't run, smudge, or smear, it just disappears half way through the day. Where does it go? I don't believe here's an entrance to Narnia on my lower lash line, but I could be wrong, you can never find Narnia if you go looking.  The color fades, but a little bit of the sparkle gets left behind, so it looks like you have glittery fall out on the lower lash line.
 Mist is a good name for the color. Mist is a cool silver with subtsle hints of baby blue. The finish is metallic but there's moderately sized flecks of silver glitter in there too. They're not overly obvious, but they are noticeable. The glitters tend to  be the only remnant after a couple hours. The color is pretty and is probably more complimentary to blue eyes as opposed to my dark brown ones. The blue tones in this eyeliner give a pretty bright eyed look.
[one swipe, a couple swipes, smudged]
Beauty Style's Eyeliner in Mist is nice. It has a surprisingly good texture, nice packaging despite being a little cheap. The color is pretty, a little bit of a duo chrome and it's shiny. The price is fair especially for Aus. If only Mist lasted for more than four hours. Disappointing. I won't repurchase Mist but I might try another shade of Beauty Style eyeliners. I'll definitely keep checking into the brand though when I can. Their shadows seem nicely pigmented, and the gloss I have lasts really well. Check out Beauty Style if you have a Priceline near you.

Ingredients Unavailable. 


  1. Did you get mist in appreciation for the next WoW expansion? n.n

  2. this is such a pretty color! would love to see what other colors there are! :D

    1. I recall a black, navy, mossy green, maroon, and i think a plummy purple.