Avon Naturals Cherry Blossom Body Spray Review

 Avon Naturals Cherry Blossom Body Spray is one of their "refreshing" scents. Avon doesn't offer very much info on this product aside from a very brief description on the back of the bottle; "Formulated with cherry blossom extract, this cooling body spray leaves skin deodorized and refreshed". My neighborhood Avon lady gave me this body spray as a gift, along with the matching shower gel and body lotion which I've already finished. Avon's body sprays contain 8.4fl oz (250ml) and retail for $9, though there are frequent sales. Cherry Blossom is a permanent scent in the Naturals line. This body spray was made in the USA. Avon does not test on animals except in their East Asian market.
 I like Avon's Body Spray packaging. It's functional and attractive without being too fancy. They're a little hard to store though. The recyclable plastic bottles is pretty tall, made even taller by the spritzer and plastic cap that never seems to stay on. A clear label wraps entirely around the bottle. Pretty pink cherry blossoms and buds adorn the front of the label along with the name of the product and scent written in English, French, and Spanish. You can find a product description, directions, company info, and a full ingredient list on the back label, in the same three languages.
 One thing I really like about Avon's Body Sprays is that they never smell alcohol, even when first spritzed on. You can't say that about many affordable body sprays. Avon Naturals sprays last all day, even without layering, though it will help. I initially wasn't a fan of Cherry Blossom. Too sweet, too floral. I'm not a fan of florals, so I put this body spray aside for a long time...like a year. I recently decided to work my way through this body spray just to get it out of my way. After a few days I began to warm up to Avon's Cherry Blossom. It's a typical, feminine, floral cherry blossom scent, but it also has a slight kick of spice to it that makes it a little oriental. It's kinda surprisingly actually, it just seems out of place, but in a good way. Aside from the hint of spice, Avon's Cherry Blossom is pretty straight forward, as most Avon Naturals scents are.
Avon's Cherry Blossom is ok. Its definitely not my favorite by any means, but its not as bad as I thought at first. The scent is very soft, but lasts a fair amount of time. Sweet and floral, you don't get much girlier than this scent without crossing the line into artificial, candy-ish scents. On the note of artificial scents, Cherry Blossom is very realistic. I would recommend this scent if you like soft, realistic, one note florals. Avon Naturals Body Sprays are reasonably priced and have a good formula. I won't repurchase Cherry Blossom, bu I'll keep purchasing from this line of body sprays.

SD Alcohol 40B, Water, Parfum, Cherry Blossom Extract, Benzophenone 1, Triclosan, Red 4, Ext Violet 2, Yellow 10