Out with the Old - August 2012 Empties

I finished a ton of products, cleared out some products that were old or I don't use often enough to justify, and swapped some stuff with a friend. I also left some stuff behind in Australia for Deano.

Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight Shampoo - empty
Bath&BodyWorks Malibu Heat Shower Gel - empty
Bath&BodyWorks Carried Away Fine Fragrance Mist* - left in Aus
Bath&BodyWorks Aqua Blossom Moisturizing Hand Soap* - left in Aus
Clean&Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser* - left in Aus
Bath&BodyWorks Fresh Picked Tangerine Pocket Bac - empty
BYS 5 Shade Bronzer - Nutmeg - Smashed
Olay Complete Daily Moisturizer* - Empty
Barbie Sheer Nail Minis - Awful
BYS Shatter Nail Enamel - Black -old
Wet N wild Fast Dry Nail Color - Party of Five Glitters - old
Claire's Lash&Brow Tool - broken
Claire's Cream Eyeshadow Palette - don't use
Clean&Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Reviving Cleanser - empty
Loova The Beach soap* - done
Avon Pomegranate&Mango Anti Bacterial Hand Soap* - empty
Bath&BodyWorks Country Chic Body Lotion - empty
Bath&BodyWorks Sweet Pea Fine Fragrance Mist* - empty
Yon-Ka Creme 93 - empty
ELF Eyelid Primer* -empty
Bath&BodyWorks Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion - empty
Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Facial Towelettes* - empty
Avon Super Extend Extreme Mascara - Awful
Bath&BodyWorks White Citrus Body Lotion - empty
Juice Beauty SPF 15 Green Apple Moisturizer - empty
Clear Total Care Scalp&Hair Therapy - traded
Zoya Alegra - traded
Ulta Extreme Wear gel Eyeliner - Primetime - traded
Avon True Color Eyeshadow Single - Midnight Plue - traded
Avon True Color Eyeshadow single - Teal - traded
Claire's Eyeshadow Palette -unnamed -traded
ELF Eyeshadow Duo - Blooming purple - traded
Australis Eyeshadow Trio - Exotics - traded
Sally Hansen Nails&Cuticles Hand Creme - empty
Bath&BodyWorks Sweet Pea Shower Gel* - empty
Maybelline Great Lash LOL - old
Almay i-Color Intense Mascara -old
Claire's Blue Glitter Mascara - dont use
ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil - Iconic Ivory - contaminated
Mark. Dots All Lip Gloss Palette -old
Mark. Juice Gems - Buttercream Brioche - old
Avon Color Trend Liquid Eyeliner - Electric Blue - old
Avon Color Rich Renewable Lipstick - Pink Confidence - don't use
Avon Color Rich Renewable Lipstick - President's Red - dont use
ELF Liquid Eyeliner - Silver - don't use
Maybelline Volume Express Turbo Mascara - old
Max Factor Masterpeice Beyond Length Mascara - Blushing Blue - old
BYS MegaShine Lip Gloss - Strawberry - don't use
Ulta Dual Ended EYeliner - don't use
ELF Eye Brightening Eyeliner - Coffee - don't use
Models Prefer Glitter Liner - Celebrity - old
BYS Neon Eyeliner - Blue - old
Claire's Glitter Eyeliner - Gold - dont use
Claire's Glitter Eyeliner - Green - dont use
Claire's Glitter Cream Palette - Evening - don't use
Aveeno Nourish+Condition Leave in Treatment* -empty
Herbal Essences Body Envy Conditioner - empty


  1. Ho. Ly. CRAP! I finish (or hit pan) on MAYBE 1 or 2 products a month. You must feel super accomplished.

    1. Not really, almost everything I finished was practically empty.