ELF Lip Defining Brush Review

 ELF's Lip Defining Brush is a "soft, tapered brush ideal for lip color application and for softening lip pencil lines. The tapered point allows for precise definition. Create a professionally applied look every time with ELF's Lip Defining Brush". This brush, just like all ELF products, is cruelty free and vegan friendly. ELF's products are made in China. This Lip Defining Brush is from the $1 Essential/Professional line. I bought this brush about a year ago. ELF products can be purchased online, or at Big Lots, Kmart, Target, Walmart, and some Dollar Stores.
 All ELF Professional brushes come in a clear plastic pouch. I always toss mine, but the pouches can be reused for travel and and storage purposes. ELF Lip Defining Brush has a long, thin handle made of white lacquered wood. The name of the brush is written on the handle in silver. The silver metal ferrule seems firmly attached to the handle. On ELF's website the bristles are show to come to a point, and look stiff. Lol no. This brush has soft bristles you'd except for an eye brush. The tip is a little bit rounded, but I wouldn't call it tapered. The size of the brush head is good for lips, small enough to apply product with precision but not so small that application becomes a time consuming process.
Sounds like a good lip brush, yeah? Not really. The soft sythetic bristles are too soft, they absorb too much liquid lip products, and aren't stiff enough to pick up lipstick from the tube, they kinda splay out instead of stroke against the product. Lip brush fail..but eye brush win! I use ELF's Lip Defining Brush on my eyes all the time. This brush is great for precision blending, mainly in the inner corner and outer v, but it also applies and blends shadows on the lower lash line very well. ELF's Lip Defining Brush is actually one of my favorite and most used eye brushes.
 As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, I've had this brush for over a year and it's holding up well. The brush has kept it's shape fairly well even after many washings. There are a couple loose bristles, but not too many, it doesn't affect the shape of the brush or how it applies product. This brush washes well when used for eyeshadow, but it can be hard to get lip products out of it, product just clings to the bristles. This brush dries really quickly. I should mention that you shouldn't use the same brush for lip and eye products. I've only used this for lip product a couple times, washed it very very well, and haven't used it for lip product since.
I really like ELF's Lip Defining  Brush, just not for it's intended purpose. I personally don't like lip brushes, so that didn't help this brush win any favors from me. It is fantastic for precise application of eyeshadow, I also hear it works well for concealer, but I haven't tried it. I use this brush very often. ELF's Lip Defining Brush is good quality, it washes well and doesn't shed. I'd buy this brush again, I might get a second one, I'm not sure yet. I recommend this brush, just not for the lips.


  1. You have so many brushes ;-;

    1. there's no such thing as "TOO MANY BRUSHES"!!11!1!1

    2. Thank you Mariah, at least you understand. <3

  2. i need to get this! i will probs use it for my eyeshadow :p