Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb Review

 Lush's Space Girl seems to be one of their less talked about bath bombs, or bath ballistics as they're called in here in Aus. This bomb us inspired by "The Imagined Village's intriguing interpretation of Space Girl from their second album Empire&Love" #product placement. This bomb is supposed to make you hungry for a space adventure. Lush claims that this bomb contains space dust from alien friends, but I have my doubts. I purchased Space Girl at the Lush kiosk in Parramatta. This 125g bath bomb sells for $5.95AUD, I believe it's the same price in America as well. That's always nice. I'm unsure if Space Girl is vegan or not, but like all Lush products, it's cruelty free and made of natural ingredients.
 Space Girl simply comes in a yellow Lush baggie. The ingredient list is printed at the store on a sticker and used to close the bag. The bath bomb it's self is meant to be shaped like Saturn. The bomb is light blue with pink spots and little flecks of glitter. On the website it's shown to be super glittery, but upon re-examining all the Space Girl bombs at a different Lush today, not a single one of them were particularly glittery. It's a cute little bath bomb though.
 I used Space Girl. It dissolved completely in about 2 minutes, faster than I expected. It fizzed and bubbled a little, not too much. A little bit of gooey red stuff came out of the bomb and floated on the surface of the water. That's awkwardly familiar. Ew. The water turned a light purplish blue, but remained clear. There was a tiny bit of glitter. I think some oil was included in this bomb, just enough to make the tub slick, but not your skin. And that's all.
 [plopped it in]
Yup. I paid $6 for blue, shimmery water. Do not like. That's so impractical I can't even. Why pay that kind of money for something that doesn't have any legitimate benefits, and you can only use once? Why? Personally, I'd rather just mix some food coloring and Skin-so-Soft if I want blue bath water with some oil. It's more affordable and financially friendly. 
 [fully dissolved]
I will give Space Girl one thing. It smells really good. I generally don't like how Lush products smell, but Space Girl is really nice. In fact, it's why my boyfriend picked it out (I was being too choosy that day). Space Girl smells like sweet, juicy, natural berries with maybe a little sugar. I wish Lush had more products scented like this one. 
I'm pretty disappointed by Lush's Space Girl Bath Bomb. It's an awful value. I guess it's ok if you want to spoil yourself once a fortnight, or once a month or so, but personally it's not something that I could justify spending money on again. I love the smell of Space Girl, Lush needs more products that smells like this.  If you love berry scents and bath bombs, this may be perfect for you. If you want a bomb with benefits, don't bother. Sorry if it seems like I'm slamming this product, it isn't necessarily bad, just not...great. I can see why this isn't as talked about as other Lush bath bombs.

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Grapefruit Oil, Bergamot Oil, Almond Oil, Colouring, Crimson and Red Golden Glitter, Popping Candy, Limonene, Linalool, Methyl Ionone



  1. But Saturn's rings aren't connected to the main body!

  2. I didn't know you could only use it once :( Bummer

    1. You can saw them in two or more pieces, but I wanted to get the full effect for review purposes.

  3. i have space girl but havent used it yet! i dont want to get rid of it haha

    1. you probably won't miss it after you use it :(

  4. Well I guess at least it had some aromatherapy? lol Definitely will avoid this one.

    Boston Princess