Adventure: Featherdale Wildlife Park (picture heavy)

Went on my third trip to Featherdale Wildlife Park, which is in Doonside, not too far from where Dean lives. Featherdale is dedicated to the conservation of Australian plants and animals. They have tons of birds, but personally I go to pet the wallabies, which are one of my favorite animals =D. Here's some photos from today. It's a small park and we were only there for a little over an hour, but we practically had the place to ourselves, considering it was a Friday morning.

 It's nice to meet you too, wallabies. 
 A bunch of pelicans. I mostly took this picture for Rae.
A snoozing koala. 
 Me and Dean pet a koala. His name was Austin. 
 Two kookaburras. They may look sweet, but they're actually murderous, fat little birds. 
 Moar sleepy koalas. 
 A moody Quokka. Quokkas are like wallabies, but they size of a rabbit. Squee. 
 Making friends with a young wallaby and his mummy. 
 a million wallabies! 
 Emo Wombat :( 
Little blue penguins, or Fairy Penguins.
 Long crocodile is longgggg. 
 This peacock was just hanging out, watching some kangaroos graze. 
 Two grey kangaroos. I didn't pet ANY kangaroos today :( 
 An emu staring disapprovingly at Dean. 
 A Cassowary, which is like a dinosaur bird. Me and Dean call them terror birds because they look like they could kill you with one swift kick. 
 Ready to kill! 
 A Tasmanian Devil. They're so cute, yet so scary. Their teeth are huge. This little guy was just hanging out GNAWING ON A BONE. 
 a long neck turtle, just chilling on a small rock. 
 goodbye wallabies. :( 
 wallabies watching us go :( 
Me and Dean were making fun of the American tourists in the background. They were feeding the wallabies, and one was trying to get sexy with one of the girls, who didn't realise it and though it was just being friendly. Lol. 


  1. That wallaby was all up ons

  2. These are so cute!!!!
    Looks like you two had a great time!

    Boston Princess

  3. So many great photos!

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