Olay Beauty Fluid Review

 Olay Beauty Fluid is a considered one of the brand's classic products. Beauty Fluid is meant to "replenish skin with moisture that soothes dryness". Olay also claims that Beauty Fluid will "moisturize to reveal softer, smoother, more supple skin, restore natural beauty of the skin, and help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles". This is a mineral oil, petrolatum, and glycerin based moisturizer, which is probably a turn off for some. This moisturizer features a "light, non greasy formula that's dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic". Unfortunately, Olay products are tested on animals, please keep that in mind when purchasing their products. I can't find information on where Olay products are made. Olay Beauty Fluid is available in two sizes, I currently have the smaller 4 fl oz bottle, which I purchased at Rite Aid for $7.99. The larger size, which I usually purchase, sells for $11.99. This is a product I've been using on an off for about 5 years.
 Olay's Beauty Fluid comes in a rectangular, plastic, white bottle that appears pink because of the color of the fluid. Topping off the pink-ish bottle is a black plastic cap. Removing the cap reveals a small hole for dispensing product. It's really easy to over-dispense this moisturizer, and the hole tends to gum up and clog. Not a fan of the packaging. The bottle gives a fair amount of product info, but no ingredient list. Boo. The bottle is level 5 recyclable. Normally I don't mention the recyclable number, but not every recyclable program accepts 5's. Mine doesn't. Perhaps Olay should consider making their packaging a little more environmentally friendly. I also wish the Olay girl was on the bottle. She's embossed on the top of the cap, but that's not prominent enough for me to notice.
 Olay's Beauty Fluid is a thin, pink lotion. It feels very cool and silky on the skin. I wouldn't say that it feels oily or greasy, but it definitely has an emollient, light, moist feel on the skin. Beauty Fluid sinks in very quickly, and you experience the results right away. I love how incredibly smooth and soft my skin feels immediately after application. Something about this moisturizer is super softening and deeply moisturizing, but still very light on the skin. The glycerin maybe? Despite having mineral oil as the fourth ingredient, this moisturizer doesn't have an oily texture. Honestly I prefer moisturizers with mineral oil in them. Don't hurt me. It never breaks me out or irritates my skin. Besides I've read a couple articles on the purification process of mineral oil, and how it's not carcinogenic, and other mineral oil myths, but that's for another post.

 So as for the claims of giving smoother, softer, more supple skin? Totally legit in my book. I feel like of the moisturizers I've used over the years, I get the best over all results from this one. My skin changes instantly when I start using this one. It's so much softer right away. Honestly I can't speak for the products anti-aging qualities. I haven't aged yet. I don't have wrinkles and only have the finest of lines. Roommate jokes that I still look 15 because I use this. Perhaps it's true. I know a couple older women who use Olay's Beauty Fluid, and all of them look younger than what they are. My mum uses this, and she certainly doesn't look 60+ (not sucking up, for reals). Maybe they all just have good genes, I don't know. The jury is out on the subject of anti-aging.
 Olay's Beauty Fluid has a pretty strong scent that's kinda like a mix of baby lotion and roses. It reminds me of my mum, so I find it oddly comforting. However it's very potent and definitely not good for someone who is scent sensitive. The scent seems to linger on the skin for a couple minutes after application and gradually fades away.
I'm a big fan of Olay's Beauty Fluid. I can tell why it's considered one of their classics, and why they've been making it for so long. I've been using it for several years, mostly switching between this and Olay's Complete Daily Moisturizer; preferring Beauty Fluid. The results this moisturizer gives me are wonderful. My skin can't possibly get softer, or feel more moisturized. I have never had dry skin when using this moisturizer (and it's great for healing chapped lips). It obviously has anti-aging powers, since I haven't aged since I started using it when I was 15. Maybe it will keep me looking like a teenager forever! That'd be cool. Anyway, I'll continue to repurchase Olay's Beauty Fluid. The results, combined with the affordable price tag make this, in my humble opinion, the best drugstore moisturizer.

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  1. I will definitely have to look into this, I've always passed by it when I see it.

    Boston Princess

  2. i really like olay as a brand they have really good quality products. great blog im your newest follower :)


  3. This is a mineral oil, petrolatum, and glycerin based moisturizer, which is probably a turn off for some.

    1. thank you for quoting me on my own review! A++