Loova The Beach Soap Review.

Loova  is an indie bath and body brand based here in Pittsburgh. I'm going to be reviewing a slice of their glycerin based bar soaps in their newest scent The Beach, as well as giving you a general summary of the brand. I think bar soap is gross, so this was a definite impulse buy. The pretty blue color drew me in again. Last time that happened, there were disastrous. Loova's soaps are vegan and available in 3 sizes; $1.50 for 1oz "end slices", $5.99 for a 7oz full size slice, and $40 for a 4 pound "soap loaf". I purchased my end slice at their store in Station Square. Loova can be purchased in their two Pittsburgh area stores, a variety of gift and craft stores, as well as their online store. By the way, I want to ask you to be patient with me, I don't normally review indie brand bar soaps, so this might not be my most thorough, organized, detailed review. 
There really isn't much to speak of by way of packaging. Because I only purchased an end slice, it was merely wrapped in cling wrap, with the name of the soap written on it. If you purchase a regular size slice, it comes packaged in much nicer cellophane and comes with a label describing the scent. Cute, but still basic enough to keep costs down.

Before I go on in my review, I want to tell you a quick story about a customer service experience I had with Loova. Yesterday I needed more information on this soap, so I called their Castle Shannon store, where they make their products. The sales associate who answered the phone didn't seem like she knew how to help me, but right before I hung up to call their Station Square shop, the owner of Loova got on the line and provided me with the exact information I needed. She seemed very excited about my review and encouraged me to promote it on their Facebook page (which you should totally like). It's great to know a company is legit excited to hear my opinion on their product.

Anyways, the official scent description of The Beach is "the scent of sun, sand, and ocean captured in this fresh beach scent". Like I told the owner, I don't think The Beach smells like the beach (mind you, I've only been to the beach twice). To me, this scent smells more like a trip to Kennywood or Sandcastle, actually more specifically Sunset Beach park. It smells very much like sunscreen, with lovely watery tones, and if I'm not mistaken, a light salty note as well. It's a super unique scent, unlike any other bath and body scent I've ever used. I love the smell of sun tan lotion, as well as aquatic scents, so The Beach is like my dream scent. Kudos, Loova! I'll probably pick up the body spray when I get home from Sydney, though it'd be a great scent for Sydney.

Loova's soaps are made of a hypoallergenic base of vegetable glycerin and coconut oil, with a blend of essential and fragrance oils. From that description it's safe to expect a very moisturizing soap. This soap lathers pretty well. When wet, it's far too slick to use like a bar soap, so I run my pouf over it and pick up lather that way. The Beach rinses off easily and leaves the skin feeling very silky and smooth. The way The Beach feels on the skin makes me wonder if this soap would be good for soothing sunburn. 

I'm a big fan of Loova's The Beach soap. It's a good quality soap with a fantastic scent that I'm kinda addicted to, Loova's price point seems just right, with their end slices being just the right size and price for sampling for review. Perhaps I'll grab a full size bar for a giveaway prize. I want more products in this scent, but I also plan to try more scents, maybe having a review series if yinz are interested. Loova has impressed me with the quality of both their products and customer service. Yay for supporting local, small business, and an even bigger yay for The Beach!

Some photos courtesy of Loova's Facebook. Please check out their Facebook and online store, and let me know if you'd be interested in seeing more reviews from this brand, or winning one of their soaps as a giveaway prize.


  1. The beach is a great smell n.n

  2. What you described as this smelling like pretty much sums up how the beaches smell in New England. I definitely need to try this.

  3. I have actually used this soap. I have purchased many of their scents in full sizes, and I especially like "Soak Up The Sun" and "Kiss Me All Over", in addition to "The Beach". Both of their locations are fun places to shop, and their products are amazing. Try their "Soapy Sponges". Awesome products!