Olay Oil Controlling/Refreshing Toner Review

 Olay Oil Minimizing Toner, formerly known as Olay Refreshing Toner, is a toner meant to "remover dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping skin's essential moisture". This toner is dermatologist tested and is made of fairly simple ingredients. Unfortunately, Olay does test on animals, so keep that in mind before purchasing their products. I can't find any info about where this product was made on the bottle, it just says "imported". I purchased this 7.20fl oz (212ml) bottle at Rite Aid for $4. This is a product I've been using for several years, so I think I can give a solid review on it.
 Packaging for Olay's toner is actually pretty appealing. A tall, rounded rectangular bottle made of clear plastic, with a beige screw on cap. The label features the Olay girl and a wave of water. Looks pretty. The front and back label offer a good amount of product information.
The toner it's self is an aqua colored solution with the same viscosity as water. As I said in the introductory paragraph, the ingredients are pretty simple. Really it's just a mix of water, alcohol, witch hazel, and aloe. You could probably make this at home for cheaps, if you're a DIY kind of girl. Despite the second ingredient being alcohol, this toner doesn't dry out my normal to slightly oily skin at all, and I use it twice a day. Perhaps the aloe cancels out the drying affects of the alcohol. Applied to the skin on a cotton ball/round, this toner has a cooling, slightly tingly, pleasant feel to it. This toner tightens pores slightly, but not enough for those with very large ones. Oil Controlling Toner does what it's name would indicate, it removes excess oil, as well as residue left from your cleanser, and any makeup that got left behind. I wouldn't depend on this as a makeup remover though. I also like to use this toner on any pimples I get, as it helps to dry it, and helps with the infection. It really helps pimples clear up and heal quickly.
Olay Refreshing, and now Oil Controlling toner has been my go to toner since I was 11 or 12, so it's a product I've come to know and love. I strayed from it once, when I ran out in Australia and couldn't find it there, so I bought Clean&Clear's Oil Controlling Toner, which just couldn't compare. It was much more drying, and didn't have that refreshing, witch hazel scent that I've come to find comforting.
I think it's pretty obvious that I recommend Olay's Oil Controlling Toner. It's perfect for those with normal to moderately oily skin. Those with severely oily skin might want to look into the Clean&Clear one, those with dry skin will definitely want to use something without alcohol. This toner absorbs oil without drying skin out, minimizes pores to and extent, smells good, feels good, and looks good. I can't really ask for much more in a toner. This is a product I'll continually repurchase for quite a while.

Water, SD Alcohol, Alcohol 40. Witch Hazel, Aloe Leaf Juice, PEG 40, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Allantoin,  Menthyl Lactate, Fragrance, Blue 1, Yellow 5