Using your Mosaic Bronzer like an Eyeshadow Palette

Maybe your makeup bag is feeling a little full and you're looking to lighten the load, or maybe you want to make your eyeshadow look as natural as possible, or you just love finding new ways to use products you already have.  A mosaic bronzer can help you with that. They're a great way to give your cheeks a healthy glow, and they make great, compact eyeshadow palettes. Most mosaic bronzers feature 3 to 6 shades meant to be swirled together to create the perfect glow. My favorite is BYS Blush&Bronze in Pure Bliss. Pure Bliss contains 5 shades, ranging from white, to peach, to brown.
Bronzer tends to be sheerer, less pigmented, and softer in texture than most eyeshadows, which makes it look much more natural on the lids. They give a subtle no-make natural look. However, some deeper bronzers can have too much of a red base to them, which can make your eyes look tired if applied incorrectly. Another bonus is size. Most bronzers are roughly the size of your palm (I know there are some giant ones though). That makes them much more purse and travel friendly than your typical eyeshadow palette.


  1. Wow, this is such a great idea! I love natural-looking makeup, and you really can't beat this! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. I will defs try this idea!