Yon-Ka Creme 93 Review

Yon-Ka's Creme 93 is a facial moisturizer. This French spa brand was my first taste of luxury skin care. This 1.8 oz tube retails for $50! I received two bottles as a giveaway prize. Yon-Ka claims that Creme 93 will:
  • Protect the skin
  • Purify the complexion
  • Balance the skin
  • Tighten pores
  • Promote a more vital and flawless complexion
  • Leave skin velvety smooth
  • Offer an ideal makeup base

That's a lot of promises for one product. The key ingredients are lavender, rosemary, thyme, geranium, cypress, and lime.

Creme 93's packaging has very pretty, elegant packaging. The white squeeze tube has a screw on cap. Both the bottle and box have pretty pink detailing on the top with Yon-Ka Paris written in gold lettering. The information on the tube and box is in French. All of this just screams " Luxury Brand". It's very fancy.

Creme 93 is a thicker textured moisturizer. It feels very smooth and velvety when applied to the skin. It also leaves a pleasant cool sensation. It absorbs into the skin quickly. It certainly leaves my skin with the velvety softness it claims to. However I don't notice diminished pores, nor do I feel that Creme 93 makes my foundation apply easier, look better, or last longer. Disappoint. I don't really experience the balancing effect either. By midday my nose is back to being oily, and the area around it is dried out.

I'm not really into Creme 93's scent either. Its very herby and medicinal. The thyme and rosemary are very strong scent notes, but I also pick up some lavender. The scent lingers for about half an hour after applied, which I don't like.

While Yon-Ka's Creme 93 isn't entirely disappointing, I expected more from such an expensive, luxury brand.  I don't feel like the results I get are worth $50. For the same price I could get two years worth of my usual Olay moisturizers, which I feel like I get better results from. If you have money to burn and are looking into more expensive skin care, Creme 93 is nice. I like it. But for me the price tag is way too high. I'd still like to thank Verve 360 and http://jessouest.blogspot.com/ for sending me 2 tubes though. 

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