Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone Review

Wet n' Wild's Comfort Zone palette is an eight pan palette from their Color Icon line. Each neutral toned shade weights slightly more than one gram. The shadows are labeled for suggested placement, but obviously you don't have to follow that if you don't want to. Application instructions are also available on the back label of the palette. Wet n' Wild claims these shadows have "all day, crease resistant wear." I purchased my palette at Ulta for $4.99.

Packaging is simple and functional, but not particularly sturdy. The palette is black plastic with a clear plastic lid. A sponge tip applicator and tiny brush were included, but I tossed both of them. 
I'll review each of the eight shadows individually, as they vary in texture. 

Browbone 1 - A light, shimmery gold shade. The texture is really soft and nice. I use this on the brow bone, or  as an all over sweep of color.  

Eyelid 1 - A very pretty rose gold color. The texture and pigmentation are superb, as well as the blendability. I like this in the crease with browbone 1 on the lid. 

Crease 1 - A warm, medium brown. Very smooth but not the most pigmented shadow in the palette. A good basic brown to have.

Definer 1 - A very deep, shimmery brown. Way too soft and overly pigmented. It stains my eyelid and my brushes. Pretty much crumbles to the touch. Leaves tones of fall out. 

Browbone 2 - A light, semi-metallic taupe. Too dark for the browbone, at least for me. I get a ton of use for this shadow, I love it all over the lid. Great pigment and texture, I'll probably hit the pan on this one first.

Eyelid 2 - An olive green shadow. The only bright color in Comfort Zone, it's great for pops of color. A lot of people say this shadow isn't very pigmented, but I disagree. I love it. 

Crease 2  - A dark green with glitter. Probably the worst shadow in the palette, sadly. It looks great in the pan and swatched on your finger, but very little color and almost no glitter transfer to the lid when applied.It also has the stiffest, hardest texture of the bunch.

Definer 2 -  A red-brown-green duo-chrome. Everyone says this is a great dupe for MAC's Club Eyeshadow. A really interesting shadow by drugstore standards. Great to sweet over the lid and crease. Also has an excellent texture. I nicked it when swatching. ;_; 

Aside from two exceptions, the shadows in Comfort Zone are excellent. Some of the best I've ever worked with. I like Wet n' Wild's idea behind this palette. Different neutrals, not the kind you'd expect. It's hard for me not to reach for this palette every day.This palette is also excellent for travel. I'd definitely bring this for me on a weekend trip without any other shadows.These shadows wear as well as they apply. I get all day wear without creasing, fading, or fallout, with exception to Definer 1.
I don't think I've ever been quite so pleased with a palette before. Comfort Zone is just so versatile and wearable. The quality is astounding, especially for the $5 price tag. I definitely recommend this palette to anyone who wants to play around with unexpected neutrals, or for someone needing an every day, travel friendly palette. You'll be hard pressed to find better quality eyeshadows at the drug store level. I'm genuinely excited to try more Wet n' Wild palettes.

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