Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Review

Covergirl's Lash Blast Volume is a probably one of the most popular mascaras ever. I know very few girls who haven't tried it. I got mine as gift from my sister-in-law who said it did nothing for her lashes. This mascara retails for about $8. Due to my sister in law not liking it, I was even more curious about it.

Packaging for this mascara is very eye catching, considering the tube is bright orange. The tube is thicker than average, but about the same length. The same can be said for the brush. About an inch long and twice as thick as regular brushes, it has rubber bristles that catch lashes well. This brush was probably not designed with people with almond shaped eyes in mind. The tip isn't tapered at all and is quite flat on the end, so getting to not just the inner corner, but the whole inner half of my eye is difficult without getting any mascara on my lids. Another problem with the brush is sometimes it feels like the bristles are scratching my lash line, which is uncomfortable. The bristles seem much sharper than ones on other rubber brushes. Application can be a bit difficult, but its worth the results.

I get a lot of lift and volume, that alone makes my lashes look much longer, but this mascara also offers a good bit of length. I don't get much separation from this mascara, though I don't get clumps either. It just adds a lot of fullness to my already full lashes, as well as adding a wearable amount of blackness.I get 8+ hours of wear with a tiny bit of flaking on my lower lashes. This mascara is another one that makes my lashes itch after several hours of wear. Removal is easy. This mascara isn't particularly water resistant.You probably don't even need makeup remover to take it off, warm water will do.

Overall, this is a pretty good mascara. Perfect for daily wear. This mascara is perfect if you want volume and thickness, with some length as a bonus. This mascara has sparked my interest in other Covergirl mascaras as well. I probably won't repurchase it in favor of trying new Covergirl mascaras, but I might in the future. I recommend this mascara if you haven't tried it. But most of you probably have.